Friday, March 4, 2016, UC Santa Barbara Computer Science Department will be hosting summit.cs -- a chance to bring together undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, alumni, and industry partners in a day-long program of sharing ideas and making connections.  Brought to you with support from Citrix® and our other generous sponsors.



Breakfast with Industry

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Start the day off right with a catered breakfast and networking between students, companies, and faculty.  The summit sponsors will have tables set up, and many other visitors will be present for discussions.  Use this time to share resumes, swap business cards, explore internship opportunities, and discuss your various ongoing projects.

Undergrad Capstone

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Teaming up with industry leaders, students worked on RFID-based localization; collaborative playlists management; an augmented-reality interface for construction projects; thermal camera tracking and actuation; encrypted search, drone vision tracking; data visualization; collaborative coding for instruction; and a social hub for musicians.  A list of this year’s projects can be found at the capstone homepage

Graduate Student Workshop

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GSWC provides an opportunity to learn about these advancements directly from the people making them.  The graduate students choose a set of talks that highlight new and important ideas being made by their peers, and provide a firsthand look at in-progress research happening across the Computer Science department.  More info available on the GSWC website


Career Panel 

A panel of former UCSB students will share their wisdom about being a Computer Science major and life after graduation.  The panel is sponsored by the Array of Talks project whose mission is to inspire enthusiasm for Computer Science, intellectual exchange, and a sense of community among Computer Science undergraduates, faculty, and business professionals.  More information about the panel can be found at

Poster Session

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Lunch will be catered and provides even more opportunity for discussion and networking.  This is a chance to interact with the people behind the work.  Each of the undergraduate capstone teams, along with a collection of graduate and undergraduate researchers, will be available to explain their ongoing work (with the help of a poster), and in some cases even provide demonstrations of their creations.  In addition, student organizations relating to computer science will be available to discuss their activities and how students, alumni, faculty, and guests can get involved.


Our Keynote lecture will be a distinguished lecture delivered by MIT Professor, and winner of the 2012 Turing Award, Shafi Goldwasser.  Professor Goldwasser has made fundamental contributions to cryptography, computational complexity, computational number theory and probabilistic algorithms. She was the recipient of the Gödel Prize in 1993 and another in 2001 for her work on interactive proofs and connections to approximation. She was awarded the ACM Grace Murray Hopper award, the RSA award in mathematics, the ACM Athena award for women in computer science, the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science, the IEEE Emanuel R. Piore award, and the ACM Turing Award for 2012. She is a member of the AAAS, NAS and NAE.